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About BioTether Sciences

BioTether Sciences™, Inc is a biotechnology company devoted to the development of solutions to unmet medical problems.

We are actively engaged in developing novel technologies for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmunity, and metabolic diseases.

BioTether Sciences technologies improve drug half-life, targeting, and efficacy. BioTether improves therapeutics by tethering proteins with polymer linkers, or by exploiting high affinity, targeted interactions.


BioTether Sciences™ is actively looking for strategic partners and investors.
Parties interested in collaborating on joint development and licensing opportunities please contact us at
Partners will participate in our growth, supported by our extensive, intellectual property portfolio. BioTether Sciences is dedicated to increasing value, following a rapid development path, and advancing products to market.

  • There are hundreds of marketed protein therapeutics. Major opportunities exist to bring the next generation of biopharmaceuticals to market.
  • The majority of investment is going into improving existing drugs rather than discovery of novel medicines.


Be part of a fast paced, innovative start-up endeavor. We offer attractive compensation and benefits packages. Qualified candidates may send their resumes to BioTether Sciences™