BioTether Sciences specialize in development support for biopharmaceuticals as well as cell and gene therapies. Our team is experienced with the latest techniques to study cell and gene therapy quality attributes, clinical biomarkers, pharmacokinetics, and anti-drug antibodies.

Our services inc...

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Natural Polymers in Health and Disease
Characterization of natural polymers for biopharmaceuticals and medical devices. Quality control testing, identification and characterization.
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Cell Transfection at BioTether Sciences

BioTether Sciences has a Lonza 4D-Nucleofector with X unit. This device enables users to efficiently transfect immortalized cells, primary cells, stem cells and other hard to transfect cell lines with high efficiency. Experiments are designed to use the standard cuvette or a 16 strip microcuvette. T...

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Will vaccinations against COVID cause safety and efficacy concerns for biotherapeutics and gene therapies?
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Primary Dermal Fibroblasts for Research

Primary human dermal fibroblasts are extremely helpful to support research and development of drugs and devices. Material obtained from the skin biopsy can be utilized in several investigative procedures such as examination of cellular morphology, immunofluorescence staining of biochemical markers,&...

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