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Biotechnology Solutions
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Industry Experts

Biotechnology innovations are driving a rapid increase in the number of biologics, gene therapies, and drug-device combination products that are being developed.  Our expert staff has a broad range of experience in these areas. Discovery research, innovation, and robust bioanalytical science is at the heart of what we do. BioTether Sciences wants to be your partner in developing solutions to unmet medical needs.  BioTether Sciences laboratory operates in compliance with GLP and GMP rules and is capable of handling your non-clinical and clinical studies. Our experts also provide consulting services to help our clients navigate the complex regulatory environment facing innovative biotechnology products.

Biotechnology Solutions
Modern Laboratory with Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical, and Cell Culture Infrastructure

Efficient and collaborative cloud-based enterprise solutions for business and laboratory

GMP and GLP compliant laboratory
  • Protein engineering and characterization
  • Identity, Purity, Potency, and Stability Testing
  • Gene Therapy product characterization and vector quality control testing
  • Cell based potency assays and stable cell line generation
  • Clinical and non-clinical sample analysis for immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics, and biomarkers
  • Stability chambers and long term storage
Get it done!

Our experts in protein engineering, bioanalysis, formulation, and drug-device combination products are a great asset. We provide testing services to characterize your large molecule, drug, gene therapy, or drug-device combination product.  

BioTether Sciences™, Inc is a biotechnology company devoted to the development of solutions to unmet medical problems.

We are actively engaged in developing novel technologies for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmunity, and metabolic diseases.

BioTether Sciences technologies improve drug half-life, targeting, and efficacy. BioTether improves therapeutics by tethering proteins with polymer linkers, or by exploiting high affinity, targeted interactions.


BioTether Sciences™ is actively looking for strategic partners and investors.

Parties interested in collaborating on joint development and licensing opportunities please contact us at
Partners will participate in our growth, supported by our extensive, intellectual property portfolio. BioTether Sciences is dedicated to increasing value, following a rapid development path, and advancing products to market.

  • There are hundreds of marketed protein therapeutics. Major opportunities exist to bring the next generation of biopharmaceuticals to market.
  • The majority of investment is going into improving existing drugs rather than discovery of novel medicines.

BioPharmaceutical Drug and Medical Device Development

We offer our passion, insight, inventiveness, and technical skill to a quickly evolving biotechnology world.  Our products are developed in-house and in collaboration with partners to bring the best ideas and solutions to unmet medical needs.

Drug and Device Testing Services

We provide bioanalytical testing services to characterize your large molecule drug, gene therapy, or drug-device combination. BioTether Sciences provides research services, method development, method validation and testing.  Our focus is on cell-based assays, biomarkers, immunogenicity, and pharmacokinetics (PK) for your biopharmaceutical, gene therapy, or medical device.

Our Team

At BioTether Sciences, we work closely with our partners to develop novel, cutting edge therapeutics and medical devices. That is why we have experienced and dedicated staff. 


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