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Will vaccinations against COVID cause safety and efficacy concerns for biotherapeutics and gene therapies?
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Biocompatibility testing using tissue culture cell cytotoxicity assessment

Biomaterials and polymers are increasingly combined with drugs and biologics. Regenerative products may have medical device–based scaffolding and may be treated as biologics, reflecting the cell and tissue components. Therefore, biomaterials, medical device components, and 3-D printed materials need...

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Contagion of COVID-19 Grants and Funding Opportunities

Hundreds of millions of dollars are available to small biotechnology and medical device businesses to fight COVID-19. The money is in the form of non-dilutive grants, contracts,  and also in exchange for equity positions in your company. For example start-up incubators may offer small seed fund...

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Cell and Gene Therapies
Cell and Gene Therapies are the most expensive class of drugs ever developed. We review the latest drug development efforts and discuss what to expect in 2020.
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