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Small CROs Equal Big Impact
Whether you're a startup, emerging biotech company, or well-established pharmaceutical firm, partnering with a small CRO can help you.
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Cell Transfection at BioTether Sciences

BioTether Sciences has a Lonza 4D-Nucleofector with X unit. This device enables users to efficiently transfect immortalized cells, primary cells, stem cells and other hard to transfect cell lines with high efficiency. Experiments are designed to use the standard cuvette or a 16 strip microcuvette. T...

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Insidious Mycoplasma
It is important to routinely test your cell culture lines for mycoplasma.
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Bioanalysis with the MesoScale Discovery QuickPlex 
Enhance your bioanalytical testing with the MesoScale Discovery QuickPlex. This platform is great for immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics, and biomarker assays.
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Biocompatibility testing using tissue culture cell cytotoxicity assessment

Biomaterials and polymers are increasingly combined with drugs and biologics. Regenerative products may have medical device–based scaffolding and may be treated as biologics, reflecting the cell and tissue components. Therefore, biomaterials, medical device components, and 3-D printed materials need...

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