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Bioanalysis with the MesoScale Discovery QuickPlex 

22.07.20 04:46 PM Comment(s)

Enhance your bioanalytical testing with the MesoScale Discovery QuickPlex. This platform is great for immunogenicity testing, pharmacokinetic studies, and biomarker assays.

BioTether Sciences uses state-of-the-art instruments and technologies to support biomedical research and development.  Our new MesoScale Discovery QuickPlex instrument is sensitive, versatile, and robust. It is designed to support immunogenicity testing, pharmacokinetic analysis, and biomarker studies. The QuickPlex uses electrochemiluminescence assays (ECLA) to detect analytes at extremely low concentrations and across a broad dynamic range.

Electrochemiluminescent labels generate light when stimulated by electricity in the appropriate chemical environment. This reaction is incorporated into our immunoassays to provide the light signal used to measure important proteins and other biomedical molecules. This instrument platform is ideal for measuring antibodies in serum, biotherapeutic concentration in biological fluids and for the study of biomarkers.  BioTether Sciences recently transferred classic ELISA immunogenicity test methods onto the QuickPlex instrument. Assay sensitivity was improved, and the test is faster, easier, and uses less sample.  The MSD ECLA system can be used to study all areas of biomedical research, with hundreds of kits and antibodies available. (


We can support your studies in the areas of oncology, cardiology, neurobiology, reproductive biology, and immunology. One great feature of the MSD platform is the use a cell friendly carbon electrode plate surface that allows immobilization of whole cells or membranes. Cell based assays to screen antibodies to cell surface antigens, receptor-ligand interactions, and functional antibody neutralization are just a few applications that could be developed. Many biomarker kits are available to quantitate cytokines, metabolites, intracellular signaling, growth factors and more. BioTether Sciences is skilled at developing novel methods, assay validation, and testing. We can create custom immunogenicity, biomarker, and pharmacokinetic assays to support your drug or device development program. We love to talk about the science and help design the best solution to advance your program. You provide the biotherapeutic or device material, we can do the rest. Antibody production and procurement, method development and troubleshooting, full GMP or GLP validation, clinical testing---we will be there for you!