Flow Cytometry at BioTether Sciences

19.10.22 09:47 AM Comment(s)

Flow Cytometry for Cell Biology and BioAssays

BioTether Sciences can support your cell biology projects with our flow cytometry capabilities.  Flow cytometry is an incredibly useful technique for the study of cell biology. Flow cytometry is a technology that uses lasers to provide multi-parametric analysis of single cells. Bead-based multiplex technologies allows you to profile secreted cytokines, cytotoxicity, exosomes and miRNA.

Flow cytometry is a powerful technology that is used in molecular and cellular biology research applications, including immunology, cancer biology, and gene therapy. BioTether Sciences engineers cell lines that expressed fluorescent proteins induced through signaling pathways of interest to drug developers.

Fluorescence analysis of DNA content allows for the study of cell cycle. Dyes and antibodies can be used to probe signal transduction, cell-cell interactions, and protein expression. Immunophenotyping is a common application of flow cytometry. In this technique, fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies target multiple cell surface antigens to identify specific immune cells within a complex population of cells.