• BioTether Team

    Our management team members each has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device fields

Our Team and Specialists

BioTether Sciences is a Boutique CRO

We are experts in the areas of protein engineering, bioanalysis, genetics, and medical device development. 

We bring decades of technical experience, and a wealth of publications, grants, and patents.  

BioTether Sciences staff are dedicated to the principles of quality, integrity , and creativity.

Flexibility and Agility

We can quickly adapt to changing priorities and add new projects to the queue without navigating through complex approval processes

Lower costs

Our boutique CRO operates with leaner budget and efficiently responds to resources allocation, based on the customers demands without compromising the quality

Customer-centric approach

Customer satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships are our priority. We focus on providing personalized attention and tailored solutions


Our scientists demonstrate exceptional mastery and possess in-depth domain expertise in niche sectors of biotechnology