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BioTether Sciences, Inc.
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    BioTether Sciences

    We work on the most difficult, serious diseases, including treatments for cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmunity, and metabolic diseases.

Our Science

We are actively engaged in developing prototype devices and novel drugs

§ Tethered Proteins

BioTether Sciences improves the pharmaceutical profile of existing products and increases the probability of successful drug development. Biodegradable polymers are used to increase in vivo half-life and reduce toxicity. Proteins and peptides are tethered to enhance the drug properties and add functionality. High affinity interactions between antibody-antigen and ligand-receptor are exploited to improve targeting. New drug formulations and dosing regimens will optimize product safety and efficacy. Innovator therapeutics can be greatly improved using this approach.

§ Affinity Hemofiltration
BioTether Sciences is developing affinity hemofiltration devices for metastatic cancer, virus removal, auto-immunity and the treatment of sepsis. BioTether Sciences affinity hemofilter selectively captures, treats or removes pathogens (cells, viruses, toxins, and auto-antibodies). Our affinity hemodialysis cartridge will be integrated into existing dialysis platforms. Medical device development has a faster and less complex approval process than pharmaceuticals.

§ Novel Drug Formations
BioTether Sciences improves the pharmaceutical profile of existing drugs through the co-formulation with natural products. Marketed drugs used to treat depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction are improved by co-formulation with natural products. The formulations have improved efficacy, potency, and fewer side effects.




Our Testing Services

BioTether Sciences wants to be your partner in developing solutions to umet medical needs. We operate a GMP and GLP compliant Laboratory, capable of handling your regulated non-clinical and clinical studies.

Technical Consulting

Device Prototype Development

Immunogenicity Testing

Biomarker Analysis

Pharmacokinetics Testing

Gene Therapy Vector-QC Characterization

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